Our expertise : aluminium injection


Injection moulding :

Moulding in a metallic mould installed on a press (from 100 to 900 Tons in Fonderies Dourlet-Furiocast) which allows molten metal to be injected, resulting in items with a surface condition and dimensional tolerances which remove the need for a large part of the process, and sometimes all of it. The technology is very close to that of plastic injection. This capability allows the production of pieces ranging from just a few grams up to 5 kg.

Permanent mould casting :

Moulding in a metallic mould which is filled simply by the gravity of the liquid metal.


The substances used are different grades of Aluminium (AS9U3, AS10G, AS12U, AS12, …).


Bespoke manufacture of pieces in repetitive series from 100 to more than 20 000 units. Computerised Production Management.


Related services

  • Design-office support : mould engineering – cutting tools – assistance to design
  • Paint – Surface treatment – Processing – Fixing
  • Completion – Assembly – Packing – Storage
  • We will help you find the most appropriate solution

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