The company : Fonderies Dourlet Fusiocast

Our values

A responsible approach

Our engagement for sustainable development commits to take into account both environmental conservation and well­being at work, in all our commercial and industrial endeavours.  To achieve this, each project is scrupulously studied in order to maximize resource consumption, to reduce waste, to enhance and recycle as far as possible. This overview, shared with our clients, our subcontractors and our suppliers allows us to perpetuate our partnerships.

Team development

We strive permanently to build and improve our skills through regular training programs, internal or external, in order to increase the value of our expertise and to make it ever more attractive.

Our participative management enables each suggestion to be taken into account in order to improve performance and to involve the whole team in the life and the development of our company.

A global approach to Quality, Security, Environment is deployed to allow the empowerment of each team member, to face up to any issues which arise and to contribute to problem-solving.

Regular integration of interns for allow them to discover our profession and inspire them.

Through this commitment and this responsibility, each team-member is proud to represent Fonderies Dourlet­ Fusiocat. Each person actively takes part in its development with the respect of environment.

Client-centred partnerships

Careful, attentive dialogue is at the heart of a client-centred approach to business. We believe it’s the only way to achieve client satisfaction above and beyond the simple delivery of the product.

Frank and open discussion allows us to optimise team performance. A sustainable partnership can only be maintained through mutual success. An excellent relationship allows us to anticipate how clients’ needs and preoccupations will evolve and to find solutions calmly and efficiently even when things become urgent.

Our commitment

We have gained the trust of our clients thanks to a deep sense of respect for their needs.

  • In order to satisfy our clients’ expectations, the quality of our products has always been a priority.
  • Nowadays, we don’t just need to meet our clients’ requirements, we must pre-­empt their needs and anticipate their assessments.
  • To achieve this, we must define and apply a quality policy which allows us to maximize our capacities of anticipation and innovation.
  • Our expertise allow us to guarantee continual advice, support and assistance for our clients. Each piece of data, comment and observation made about our products, process and organisation will be taken into account in order to ensure complete satisfaction.
  • This policy translates into a commitment to clarify and scrupulously meet quality requirements on every level, as well as cost and deadlines.

Our motto  :

« Quality products, delivered on time, in the interest of your profitability. »

Company History

The DOURLET Foondry was created by Mr Emile DOURLET in 1951. Originally working in sand casting, it quickly progressed towards the permanent mould, and then injecting moulding.

This company became a limited company with a Board of Directors on 9th May 1974 ­ it is registered in Saint­Quentin and its business sector is the foundry of light metal.

In 1976, Mister Patrick DOURLET set up the new factory in NEUVILLE SAINT AMAND where the activity was transferred in 1977.

Further to the board meeting of 30th December 1989, Mister Patrick DOURLET became the Chairman on 1st January 1990. He continued its development, investing in a 900 ton press in 2001 in order to distinguish the company from its competition.

A significant loss of turnover ­ due to the 2009 crisis – the company went into receivership in July 2014. Nevertheless, it managed to retain its clientele, loyal to our services.

On 15th December 2014, the commercial court based in Saint QUENTIN approved the purchase by Mr Francis RADEL ­ and subsequently the new firm, SAS Fonderie Dourlet Fusiocast, was created.

Our expertise

Production of pieces in injected aluminium, or gravity die casting in permanent mould.

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