Means of production

The machines and equipment

Injection presses

  • 100 ton press
  • 250 ton press
  • 350 ton press
  • 450 ton press
  • 630 ton press
  • 900 ton press
  • Each fusion furnace is equipped with a thermo­control system with recorder
Système de thermo-régulation : Fonderie Dourlet
Presse à injecter : Fonderie Dourlet

Other equipment

  • Installations of gravity die casting in permanent mould
  • Completion Workshop
  • Checkpoint / packing
  • Computerised management
  • Traceability guaranteed 10 years minimum

The team

  • 1 workshop manager
  • 1 maintenance manager
  • 5 press operators
  • 4 control completion operators
  • 1 administrative employee
The team press operators

Design capacity

Coaching for the design of the piece, mould and cutting tools, in partnership with the mould  makers maximizing the process. Realisation of prototype for the final validation by the client.


ISO 9001

Certifications pending : ISO 9100

Our expertise

Production of pieces in injected aluminium,
or gravity die casting in permanent mould.

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